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Mogobe 3 Ton Manual Rosin Press Machine, 3X4 Inches Heated Plates, Can Hold Up to 5 Ton of Press Force, MB-3T

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  • COMES WITH 3 TON OF BOTTLE JACK: But The Machine Structure Can Handle Maximum Pressing Force Up To 5 Tons, So You Can Replace it with a 5 Tons of Bottle Jack by Loosing Two Screws on the Bottom.
  • ANODIZED AND INSULATED 3X4" PLATES: 3X4" Plates Sizes is Well Suited to Most Bags and Pre Press Molds. The Plates Are Aligned Perfectly to Ensure Complete Pressing And Optimum Results.
  • SOLID STAINLESS STEEL STRUCTURE WITH NO RIVETS ON BOTH TOP & BOTTOM: Since Press-Force is Perpendicular, So We Make Sure the Machine with No Rivets on Both Top and Bottom, This Structure Makes this Press Ultra Sturdy. So You Don't Need to Worry that the Top Rivets will Loose Up and Maybe Shoot to the Roof.
  • HEAT UP QUICKLY WITH EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: It Features one 200W Heater in the Middle of Each Plate, While Some Other Brands Are on Edge. So it Can Heat Up Quickly and at a Constant Temperature, Ensure this Extractions Process Doesn’t Ruin Your Precious Materials.
  • PID TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM & OLED SCREEN: We Replace the Seven-Segment Display with an OLED Screen. It Makes the Size of the Controller Smaller, with More Logic Settings. You Can Choose From Celsius or Fahrenheit, Setting with Safety Time, And More Important: Adjustable PID Setting. We Simplify the PID Setting to be Two Numbers: P And D. If You Emphasize Accurate Temperature Control, Then Set The Number on D Higher; If You Prefer Heating Up Quickly, Then Set the Number On P Higher.

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Stainless Steel & Aluminum.

Product Weight

28.08 lb


9.45 x 7.87 x 15.75 inches

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Mogobe provides 30 days refund & 365 days replacement.

Return Policy:
Mogobe will offer a full refund on all orders within 30 days you receive from our site. We will provide a prepaid return label if the issue is related to us. We don't mind the conditions different from your return item as long as the damage is reasonable, including the original package missing or parts missing. You will receive a refund within 3 business days upon us receiving the returned product. There will be no "restocking fee" charge. 

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Mogobe offers 365 days replacement warranty. You will be responsible for paying the shipping costs. For those customers who exceed 365 days replacement window, we are happy to help by providing guidance and parts you may need. We will charge the components for a minimal cost. We try our best to build a trusted brand; we will serve you within or without the above "policy." 


Q: How many heaters are in Mogobe 3 ton rosin Press?
A: There is one 200w heater in each 3X4'' heated plate in Mogobe 3 ton Rosin Press Machine.

Q: How many materials can you press at one time?
A: We recommend 10-15 grams of materials per time.

Q: How to replace Bottle Jack?
A: Simply losing Two Screws on the Bottom.

Q: What are the essentials before pressing?
A: Materials that need an extraction, Parchment paper, Micron bags, frozen tray, concentrator carving tool.

Q: What is Rosin Press Machine?
A: It uses a pair of heated plates to press such as sesame, and Lavender. It squished out considerably more concentrate and was way less exhausting than other home-make options such as hair straightener.

Q: What is the key to press?
A: Only three variables determine the quality of your end produced: heat (temperature), pressure, and time.

Q: What is the suggested temperature for rosin pressing?
A: Temperature is the key to making high-quality end material. A good rule of thumb to remember is:
*Lower temperature (180°F- 210°F) = more flavorless yield, end material is more stable
*Higher temperature (210°F- 240°F) = less flavor, more yield, end material is less stable

Q: What are the Steps to Make?
A: 1. Put your source material in a folded parchment paper or filter bag.
2. Place the parchment paper between the two heated plates and apply ample pressure.
3. Lowering the plates down and letting the raw materials heat up 30-50 seconds without fully closing.
4. Slowly increase the pressure till fully closes up. Don‘t max the pressure too quickly since it may cause a blowout.
5. Wrap it up when done, don’t let it sit on the heat plate too long.
6. When working with larger material, you may need to repeat the pressing process 2 times.
7. Using a frozen tray and carving tool to collect.
8. Store it properly in a low-temperature environment.

Q: How Can I Operate PID Setting
1. Turn on the “ON/OFF” button at the back.
2. Press "SET" button to switch from "TOP SV", "LOW SV", "C/F", "SAFETY TIME", "PID PARM (P)", “PID PARM (D)”.
3. Press "+" to increase the metrics.
4. Press "-" to decrease the metrics.
5. After setting up the metrics. Press "START/STOP" to start heating.
6. After finishing the extractions process, press "START/STOP" to stop heating.

Q: Can you explain the metrics of Mogobe rosin press control system?
A: Explanation:
*TOP SV: Top Plate temperature
*LOW SV: Low Plate temperature
*C/F: Celsius or Fahrenheit
*SAFETY TIME: It’ll automatically shut down after such a number of hours
*PID PARM (P): PID Parameter
*PID PARM (D): PID Parameter

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