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Mogobe 2X4 Inches Pre Press Mold, Comes with 4 PET Sheets, MB-PM

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  • LARGER CAPACITY WITH HIGHER FRAME: The mold’s inner side is 3.5X1.5 X2”(Length, Width, and Height), external size is 4X2X2.2''. The 2 inch is Higher than most Pre Press Molds in the market.
  • POPULAR SIZE: This 2X4'' External Size Pre Press Mold Works Great with Most Heat Press Machines if The Heat Plates Kit Size is Larger Than 2X4'', e.g. 3X5'', 4X6''. Ideal for Using 2X4”, 2X4.5” or 2X3” Nylon Screen Bags (Filter Bag) to Create 15-30 Gram Materials.
  • A SMALLER GAP: Only 0.15Mm Gap, Allowing You to Press Out as Little Material as Possible, Even a Small Amount of Material, You Can Easily Press.
  • SIMPLE TO USE & WON'T GET STUCK: Easy to Load and Unload without Getting Stuck in The Process Since the Solid Rectangular Mold Can Penetrate the Hollow Mold. You Can Press Your Materials in a Perfect Shape with Ease.
  • BRAND NEW CONCEPT: Applying Up to 1 Ton of Pressure to Your Pre-Press Mold, We Recommend Our Mogobe "Pre-Press Mold Presser": Mb-1T. This Small and Low-Cost Gadget will Save Much More Labor on Your Whole Extractions Process.



Product Weight

1.8 lb


Product Inner Size: 3.5X1.5X2''; Product External Size: 4X2x2.2''

Return Police

Mogobe provides 30 days refund & 90 days Warranty 

Return and Replacement:
Mogobe will offer a full refund on all orders within 30 days you receive from our site. We will provide a prepaid return label if the issue is related to us. We don't mind the conditions different from your return item as long as the damage is reasonable, including the original package missing or parts missing. You will receive a refund within 3 business days upon us receiving the returned product. There will be no "restocking fee" charge. 

Warranty Policy: 
Mogobe offers 90 days warranty. You will be responsible for paying the shipping costs. For those customers who exceed 90 days replacement window, we are happy to help by providing guidance and parts you may need. We will charge the components for a minimal cost. We try our best to build a trusted brand; we will serve you within or without the above "policy." 


Q: What is this mold press made of?
A: Made of Aluminum and Gray Anodized Making it Sturdy and Durable. It's Easy to Load and Unload without Getting Stuck in the Process Since the Solid Rectangular Mold Can Penetrate the Hollow Mold. It Comes with 4 Non-Stick Pet Sheets You Can Press Your Material in a Perfect Shape with Ease.

Q: What size of heated plates fits with this mold press and recommendation filter bag?
A: This 2X4 Inch External Size Pre-Press Mold Works Great with Most Press if the Heat Plate Kit Size is Larger than 2X4'', e.g. 3X5'', 4X6''. Ideal for Using 2X4”, 2X4.5” Or 2X3” Nylon Screen Bags. (Filter Bag).

Q: What is the inner and external size of Mogobe Pre Press Mold?
A: The Mold's Inner Side is 3.5X1.5 X2”, External Size is 3.9X2X2.4''(Length, Width, And Height). The 2 Inch is Higher than Most Pre-Press Molds in the Market, It Can Increases the Amount You Can Press Each Time.

Q: How to Use Mogobe Pre Press Mold (MB-PM)?
1. Prepare your material and put it in the pre press mold.
2. Make sure you put a NON-STICK PET sheet on the top and bottom of the materials.
3. Put the solid rectangular mold back.
4. You can put an extra Pet sheet on top of the MB-PM to prevent damage to the aluminum.
5. Put your MB-PM under your MB-1T.
6. Lowering T-Handle by spinning and applying pressure as you need.

Q: Why is the inside of the Mold Not 2x4"?
A: We named this mold 2x4 just to declare that it is best paired with 2x4 filter bags. It doesn't mean the mold is 2x4 inches. The Mold’s Inner size is 3.5X1.5 X2”(LWH). In order to reduce your confusion, we specifically mention the size of the mold in the description.

Q: What is pre press mold?
A: Pre-press mold is a simple hand-pressing system that allows you to compact your materials so that you can press more in a shorter time. They will help reduce blowouts and increase yields. Pre-press mold is very beneficial for enthusiasts. By using pre-press mold, you can compress loose materials and make a perfectly shaped ‘puck’ that fits in your filter bag. You can use hand press, Irwin clamp, arbor press, or our MB-1T for better pressure.

Q: What are the recommendations on materials Loading?
A: We recommend loading no more than 30 grams of materials.

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Good Pre Press Mold

Solid and perfect size

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